Image of Ardian lgoo Ardian has developed tools for the treatment of hypertension. The company was acquired by Medtronic in January 2011.

Biomimedica is pioneering new approaches to joint repair through a proprietary synthetic cartilage technology.


Image of Cianna Logo Cianna Medical was formed to develop medical devices for delivery of conformal radiation therapy to breast cancer patients treated by lumpectomy.

Cianna Medical.
Image of Crux Logo Crux Biomedical is developing an improved, retrievable, implantable, vena cava filter to prevent the occurrence of pulmonary embolisms. 

Crux Biomedical
Image of CyberHeart Logo
CyberHeart was formed to develop radiosurgery technologies to treat cardiac arrhythmia's, including atrial fibrillation, on a minimally invasive basis.

CytoPherx is a clinical stage medical device company addressing inflammation-based diseases and conditions with a proprietary selective Cytopheresis system.


Evalve has developed devices to enable percutaneous repair of cardiac valves.  The Company was acquired by Abbott Vascular in October 2009.


Figure 8 Surgical is developing improved sternum closure devices.

Figure 8 Surgical
Focal Therapeutics was founded to develop novel tissue marking devices to be used in surgery.

Focal Therapeutics
HeartFlow’s FFRCT analysis uses the power of high performance computing and image data from CT scans to provide physicians with data about blood flow within the coronary arteries. Their technology enables the determination of FFR in a non-invasive manner.

Image of Hemosphere Logo Hemosphere is developing a device to for long-term subcutaneous AV access for access-challenged hemodialysis patients.

Image of ImaCor Logo ImaCor is developing solutions for assessing and monitoring cardiac function in hemodynamically unstable patients.

Image of Incline Therapeutics Logo
Incline Therapeutics has developed IONSYSTM (fentanyl iontophoretic transdermal system), an investigational product candidate intended to provide patient-controlled analgesia for adult in-hospital patients requiring opioids following surgery.

Incline Therapeutics
Image of InSite Logo InSite Medical Technologies was established to develop devices to simplify epidural access.

InSite Medical Technologies
Intuity Logo Intuity Medical is developing POGOTM, the first All-in-OneTM blood glucose monitoring system.

Intuity Medical
Image of Nanostim Logo Nanostim is developing miniaturized cardiac rhythm devices.
Image of Niveus Medical Logo Niveus Medical is developing a self-calibrating electrical stimulation product which stimulates muscle contraction during extended periods of critical care.
Novare was formed to develop innovative devices for minimally invasive surgery, specifically laparoscopic surgery. The company was sold in 2011.

Novare Surgical Systems

NovaSom is a medical device manufacturer and diagnostic service provider for home testing for the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


OncoHealth is developing devices for cervical cancer screening.


Orlucent is an early stage company working on a diagnostic for melanoma.


Image of Reserve Logo
Reverse Medical is developing interventional neurovascular devices to improve patient outcomes.
Image of Relievant logo Relievant Medsystems is designing tools for minimally invasive treatment of chronic low back pain.

Relievant Medsystems
Image of TransCorp Spine Logo Transcorp was formed to develop and market minimally invasive devices for spinal surgery that reduce cost and recovery time.

TransCorp Spine
Image of Satiety Logo Satiety was formed to develop devices for less invasive treatment of obesity, including the TOGA® System for transoral gastroplasty.

Sonoma is developing devices which enable faster and less invasive fixation of bone fractures.

Sonoma Orthopedic Products
SP Surgical SP Surgical was formed to develop a continuous suture passing device for minimally invasive orthopedic shoulder surgery.
Stimwave, Inc. was formed in 2011 for the purpose of developing a wireless device for pain modulation.

Stimwave Technologies
Venous Health Systems Venous Health Systems as formed to develop devices for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis.
VivaRay VivaRay was formed to develop, manufacture and market devices for delivery of brachytherapy treatment in patients with gynecological cancer. The company was acquired by Varian in March 2011.